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When our business hit a major lull a few years ago, I knew that I needed to take a second look at our marketing tactics. It was frustrating, but I knew that I might be able to turn things around. We started working with a professional marketing agency, and they really helped us to improve our online presence. We were also able to build our brand locally, which really seemed to help. This blog is filled with great articles about how to market your business, and why you should spend the time focusing on advertising. You never know, it might save your business.


4 Ways To Keep Your Fulfillment Costs Affordable

22 March 2021
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If you run an online business that sells a physical product, it is common to use a fulfillment center to package and send out your orders. When running a small business, it is important to keep all your costs under control, including your fulfillment costs. Luckily, there are various steps you can take to use fulfillment services while keeping your costs affordable. Way #1: Shift to Bags When it comes to shipping products, boxes used to be the gold standard. Read More …

Increase Your Revenue Using These 2 Advertising Tips

30 October 2020
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If you own a business and want to increase your revenue, there are many ways you can do this, including advertising. Keep reading to learn of two advertising tips so you can start making the money that you need.  Use Advertising Flags Using advertising flags is a great way to increase your revenue. You can use these flags both outside and inside. You can likely set the flags up yourself. If you make the flags in a bright color, they will easily catch people's attention, such as people driving or walking by your business. Read More …

3 Ways To Create A Package Design That Is Attractive

15 July 2020
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If you have a new product you want to get out on the market, you are going to need to create a package that will help you sell your product. The packaging for your product is just as important as the product itself. You need attractive packaging in order to move your product, which is why you should put thoughtful consideration into the design of your package for your product. Read More …

4 Tips For Creating An Engaging TV Advertisement For Your Small Business

6 May 2020
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You don't have to have a multi-million-dollar budget in order to create an engaging television advertisement. You can create an engaging television advertisement for your small business if you know what you are doing. Here are a few tips that will help you create an engaging tv advertisement. Tip #1: Perfect the First 3 Second When creating a television advertisement, you only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention. After the first three to five seconds, the viewer has already decided if they are going to continue to watch or if they are going to disengage with your commercial and not pay attention. Read More …

4 Tips For Making Better Door Hangers

14 December 2019
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Door hanger print advertising is a wonderful way to take a message directly to customers or audiences. You may be wondering, though, how you can differentiate your hangers from anything else that's out there. Here are four ways you can make your door hanger advertising more compelling. 1. Totally Two-Faced Hangers have two sides, and the smart move is to make use of both of them. Yes, you may be able to shave some printing costs by only doing one side, but it's a wasted opportunity. Read More …