Brighten Your Clients' Lives With Promotional Branded Candles

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Brighten Your Clients' Lives With Promotional Branded Candles

28 November 2022
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A lot of people think of pens and other office items when they think of custom promotional products, but there are many products that people can use in their homes, too. If you're looking for some promotional items that are less common, spend some time browsing a large promotional product company's website. Many of these companies have several different candle products that you can customize to hand out. You might think of reserving these products for your best clients, given that they're more special than pens and other everyday things. Here are some candles to think about ordering.

Jar Candles 

If you like the idea of ordering promotional candles, a popular option is to order a selection of jar candles. These are candles that are in a glass jar. The jar provides a large space that you can get customized with your organization's name, logo, and some basic contact information. You can even choose the color of the candle so that it reflects your company's main color. Keep in mind that you'll likely want to come up with an understated and classy look when you add your organization's information to the jar. This will increase the probability that your clients display the candle in their homes.

Tin Candles

A different option to think about is a number of tin candles. Whereas jar candles can be large, tin candles tend to be smaller. They're wide, but not very tall. It's common to get your company's information printed on the lid of the tin. Those who receive these candles will typically keep the lids on — thus ensuring that your branding information is visible — when they aren't burning the candle, and then remove the lid to burn it. Tin candles often have a sleek and modern look, thanks to using brushed aluminum tins.

Bucket Candles

If you want to have something large available for some of your clients, bucket candles might be a good option for you. These are candles that fill metal buckets and are commonly for outdoor use. For example, someone may use a bucket candle on their deck or place a few of these candles around their swimming pool. Bucket candles last a long time due to the amount of wax in them, which provides good longevity for your branding information. Someone who uses your bucket candle at a pool party in their yard, for example, will help to make your brand visible to everyone in attendance. Contact a custom product supplier to learn about these products.