4 Tips For Making Better Door Hangers

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4 Tips For Making Better Door Hangers

14 December 2019
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Door hanger print advertising is a wonderful way to take a message directly to customers or audiences. You may be wondering, though, how you can differentiate your hangers from anything else that's out there. Here are four ways you can make your door hanger advertising more compelling.

1. Totally Two-Faced

Hangers have two sides, and the smart move is to make use of both of them. Yes, you may be able to shave some printing costs by only doing one side, but it's a wasted opportunity. It's human nature to grab a print item, read it and then flip it over to check for more.

The front face should be the visually compelling part of the product, obviously. You can use the flip side to convey a host of messages. For example, a restaurant might use the front side to flash glossy photography of its sexiest new entrée and the backside to list contact information, its menu, social media and website URL.

2. Get on Track

Coupons and coupon codes are a wonderful way to track the effectiveness of a campaign. Include one on every door hanger you deploy, and make sure the codes are unique for each campaign. You can then feed the information into a database or a spreadsheet to see which appeals attract the most sales.

3. Big, Simple Fonts

Especially on the front-facing side, you want your door hanger advertising to be instantly readable to folks from several feet away. A ballpark estimate is that every one inch of font height will provide readability at about 5 to 10 feet of distance depending on the viewer's eyesight. Keep the fonts simple, though, because quick readability is worth more than looking cool. Make sure all text clearly contrasts against any background elements, too.

4. A Spot of Color

While some brands can benefit from going wild with colors, there's a lot to be said for using a small amount of vibrant color to create intrigue. A spot of red, for example, will always catch a viewer's eye, particularly if it is contrasted against a light and simple background.

Colors can also be deployed in imagery. There's a reason, for example, that chefs insist upon dressing up food with green sprigs, lemon zest and even bits of red pepper. Bright colors are always tracked by the human eye. Make use of colors in your photography to grab the viewer and tell a story.