Aligning Your Radio Advertising Demographics With Your Target Audience

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Aligning Your Radio Advertising Demographics With Your Target Audience

3 January 2019
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Radio advertising is an excellent way to augment existing marketing campaigns. There are very few things as ubiquitous as a radio, and radio ads are often being played to a captive audience. However, if you want to get the best results, you'll need to ensure that your radio advertising aligns with your target audience.

Create Your Buyer Personas

Every advertising campaign needs to start with the creation of buyer personas to match your core audience demographics. If your core audience is 25-to-45 year old women interested in travel, then your buyer persona might be a 30 year old female professional. A buyer persona makes it easier to make decisions based on what your core demographics truly like. 

Find the Right Station

Identify the local stations that would resonate with your buyer persona. Your local stations should have information regarding their own core demographics, and you can compare these demographics to your own. While it isn't always possible to find a perfect match, you should be able to find the stations that your buyers are most likely to interact with.

Get the Right Time

A professional is likely to be commuting during the morning and evening, making this the peak time for ads. But that isn't true for everyone. As an example, a stay-at-home mom or dad might listen to the radio more frequently during the day. If your core demographic is a stay-at-home parent, you'd want to target mid-day rather than traditional commuting times.

Test Your Advertising

Split-testing is important in every marketing campaign. Make sure to test your advertising by running ads frequently on different stations, at different times, and targeted towards different members of your audience. You'll be able to quickly see which ads are more successful by gauging your own traffic.

Interact With Your Community

The best radio advertising is advertising that interacts with your community. Consider sponsoring different channels, running contests and promotions, and showing up at radio-specific events. Sponsoring local radio personalities is a good way to develop your brand identity for your audience. 

Radio advertising has been a popular way to reach an audience for decades and it remains an important marketing channel. With the above tips, you can create ads that truly resonate with your potential customer base. Radio advertising is particularly effective for those who have local businesses, but it can also be a way for an international or even global business to get a boost with the right demographics.