Are You The Next Edison?: Three Directions Budding Inventors Can Take Aerospace Market Research And Product Development

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Are You The Next Edison?: Three Directions Budding Inventors Can Take Aerospace Market Research And Product Development

15 January 2016
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Thomas Edison was famous for creating hundreds of new items and bettering dozens of products already in existence. His ingenuity and perseverance are the models on which much research and development operates today. If you would like to start new research, produce and market a new product, or improve on an already existing product, one area you may want to consider as a budding researcher is aerospace. Here are three directions in which you can take your aerospace market research and product development (with help from professionals such as those from 

Jet/Plane Fuel

Currently, jet and plane fuel burns very hot, is not very energy efficient and is not exactly earth-friendly. This is an area of constant debate and continuing research. The person that figures out how to create a jet/ plane fuel that burns cooler, slower, is more environmentally safe and earth-conscious and/or can carry a jet or plane twice as far on less fuel is going to make a mint. If you are just starting out on this particular area of research and development, your competitors are farther ahead, and you will have to play catch-up, but a solid background in chemistry will help, as will undivided dedication to the task at hand.  

Jet/ Plane Engines

Along with developing the best possible fuel for aircraft, you may discover that the problem has less to do with adapting fuel to the engines and more to do with the engines adapting to the fuel. Redesigning and recreating jet and/or plane engines that accept new types of fuel and work even better than current aircraft engines is just as much a priority in the aerospace market research arena as revolutionary fuel. Some aerospace researchers are actually working on both engines and fuel, in order to corner the market and come out first with revolutionary products that can change the way people fly. Unless you are more than a one-person operation, you may have to choose one over the other, but the direction you choose could really make a difference.


Making aircraft lighter, faster and more aerodynamic has been the research trend for the military for years. If you were to take your research and product development in this direction, you would be doing more to help both the military and civilians have better, faster and safer flying experiences. An area that might really interest you and become a major boon to flight passengers and pilots everywhere is how to design and manufacture a plane that resists turbulence. To fly in a plane and never feel turbulence, even though the whole plane may be shaking from without, would be a major research and product accomplishment.