4 Tips For Creating An Engaging TV Advertisement For Your Small Business

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4 Tips For Creating An Engaging TV Advertisement For Your Small Business

6 May 2020
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You don't have to have a multi-million-dollar budget in order to create an engaging television advertisement. You can create an engaging television advertisement for your small business if you know what you are doing. Here are a few tips that will help you create an engaging tv advertisement.

Tip #1: Perfect the First 3 Second

When creating a television advertisement, you only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention. After the first three to five seconds, the viewer has already decided if they are going to continue to watch or if they are going to disengage with your commercial and not pay attention.

You want to make sure that your hook, where you catch the viewer's attention, is right at the start of the video. Save the more detailed information for further into the video where you have already caught the viewer's attention.

Tip #2: Use Influencers in Your Video

Second, you want to use influences in your video. Influencers are kind of like mini-celebrities. They are regular people who have gained a certain level of status and respect within a community and thus hold a level of sway or "influence" over their community.

You want to find people who are influencing within your target audience and consider using them in your television advertisement.

Tip #3: Tell a Story

People want to do more than just buy a product. People want to feel like they are supporting a brand that they believe in. One of the best ways to connect with people and to build trust in your brand and your product is by telling a story.

With an advertisement, you have the ability to create an engaging short story. When you create your ad, focus on the story you can tell about your product and brand; this will help you capture the attention of your audience and draw them in for more information.

Tip #4: Always Target a Specific Audience

As you work on creating your television advertisement, you need to focus on a particular audience. You are going to want to have in mind who your ideal customer or group is that you are selling to.

Then, you need to think about what would catch that audience's attention, what type of story that particular audience would be interested in listening to, and what influencers matter to them. Having a specific audience in mind will help you create an advertisement that really works for your intended audience.

When it comes to creating a television advertisement for your small business, work on creating a targeted advertisement that tells a story in an engaging way that includes relevant influencers. Work with your team to map out and create a great story that connects with your audience; you need good storytelling, not tons of money, for a great television advertisement.

To learn more information, reach out to a TV advertising service near you.