3 Reasons Addressability Is The Future Of Digital Advertising For Your Business

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3 Reasons Addressability Is The Future Of Digital Advertising For Your Business

30 March 2019
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Think about what marketing looked like in the past, long before the days of the internet. Product manufacturers, business owners, and others with a need to sell to the masses simply created an ad that they thought looked attractive enough and threw it out there for the world to see. Remember when you actually had to sit through those two minutes of grueling TV commercials, most of which didn't even apply to you?

These days, in the Digital Age, everything about business operation has changed, especially where marketing is concerned. Addressability, which is a newfangled term only a few marketers are getting to know, is what the future of digital advertising is all about. Here is a look at why. 

You get to show ads to the right people. 

Addressability is all about knowing exactly who is looking for your product or service. Therefore, when ads go live, there is no question that the ad is something that the individual is interested in because you have background data on that consumer that proves it. With the right people seeing the marketing efforts, there is more of a chance of followthrough and less of a chance that something will just be ignored, skipped over, or otherwise disregarded. 

You get to show ads at the right time. 

Say you are the owner of a mortgage lending company and you are trying to attract new interest in your loan products. You have a lot of consumer data at your fingertips, the analytical team to examine it, and the right channels to place your advertisements. This information grants you a level of addressability that is hard to beat. With a little help from an addressable digital advertising agency, they can help you create ads that will target the consumers that are actually ready to start looking at getting a mortgage loan. 

You get to keep your advertising costs low but efforts efficient. 

No longer will you be tossing ideas to the wind if you are following the addressability ideas of marketing. You know who you are speaking to, you know what they want, and you know when they want to hear it. This kind of precise ad placement means you can spend a few bucks on targeted ads, see a really good return on your investment, and save what money you would have been spending on television commercials and fly-by ads for more pertinent business matters.