Using Newsletters To Market Your CPA Firm

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Using Newsletters To Market Your CPA Firm

11 February 2019
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Email newsletters can be valuable ways of communicating with both current and potential clients and customers. However, many accounting firms may not have an effective approach to managing and optimizing their newsletters.

Provide Valuable Tips

While your newsletter can be an important part of your marketing efforts, it is important to make sure that you are providing valuable information for those receiving the newsletter. Otherwise, they will be far less likely to open the newsletter, and they may even unsubscribe if they do not view it as being useful. For this reason, you should develop a content strategy that emphasizes providing useful information, such as tax tips and accounting best practices.

Include Contact Information

Individuals often assume that there is no need to provide contact information in their newsletter as they may assume those subscribed will already have this information. However, this does not account for individuals that may share your newsletter. For this reason, you should be sure to include your website, phone number, and email in each edition of your newsletter. If you divide your newsletter into a series of different pages, this information should be in the header so that it will be included on each page of the newsletter.

Avoid Overloading Your Newsletter Recipients

Sending frequent newsletters can be important for ensuring that your recipients are reminded of your business, but it is important to avoid sending newsletters too frequently. This mistake can frustrate your recipients as it may lead to their mailbox becoming cluttered. Sending these newsletters on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can be an effective way of balancing the need for frequent updates while still respecting your recipients' inbox space. If you notice that you have an increase in unsubscribers after increasing your sending rate, you may want to cut back as soon as possible.

Track Open Rates

Businesses that utilize newsletters as part of their marketing efforts often struggle with optimizing their results because they may not track the open rates for their newsletter. This can make it extremely difficult to know which topics are the most interesting and engaging to your subscribers. Fortunately, tracking the open rate for these emails can be easier than you might assume. For example, one of the more common ways of tracking this is to implement a small pixel or other images that you can determine when it has been downloaded. Many CPA email newsletter providers will provide more sophisticated tracking measures, and you may want to consult with potential services so you can choose one with the tracking options you are wanting to utilize.