3 Tips To Save Money On Catalog Printing For Your Retail Business

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3 Tips To Save Money On Catalog Printing For Your Retail Business

13 April 2018
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If you operate a retail business, you might have started selling your products online. However, you may have decided that you still want to send out catalogs to your customers. After all, this can be a good way to show off your products and perhaps attract customers who might not be as interested in ordering things from your website. You might be concerned about how much you are spending on catalog printing, but if you follow these tips, you can help minimize costs.

1. Send Out Fewer Catalogs

First of all, you may be able to minimize costs by reducing the number of catalogs that you send out. This can be done in a couple of ways. For one thing, you may not want to send them out quite as frequently; instead, consider just sending them out seasonally so that you won't have to print as many new catalogs. Additionally, you may want to lower the number of people who you send catalogs to. Of course, it's a good idea to send out catalogs to people who have shown a lot of interest in what your company has to offer or those who have ordered products from your catalogs before.

However, if a person has been on your mailing list for a while but hasn't been actually ordering anything from your catalogs, you may want to switch to another form of marketing for this particular customer, such as by sending out email newsletters. Then, if the person orders, you may want to resume sending catalogs again. By minimizing the number of catalogs that you send out, you can help ensure that the catalogs that you have to pay to print aren't just being tossed in the garbage.

2. Minimize Your Catalogs

Additionally, you may want to minimize your catalogs themselves. Making them a bit shorter -- such as by only showcasing your most popular products or by making your photos and text a bit smaller so that you can fit more items on one page -- can be a good way to minimize costs while still printing and sending out catalogs to your customers

3. Work with the Right Printing Company

The above-mentioned tips might be able to save you money on catalog printing regardless of the printing company that you work with. However, it is important to know that some printing companies offer more affordable pricing for their printing services than others. Consider shopping around periodically to look for better and more affordable printing services for your catalogs and any other printed materials that you have made for your business.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can minimize your expenses when printing out catalogs for your customers. Try these tips if you would like to save your company some money. For more information, contact your local direct mail marketing service.