Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Company Event Management Planner

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Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Company Event Management Planner

21 November 2016
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Are you the owner or manager of a large company? Is your company considering hosting a large conference, a trade show, or some other type of gathering for your clients? While you could simply try to handle all of the arrangements yourself, there's no need to do so. Hiring an event management company will allow your company to host the event while still allowing you to focus on other important things. But before you hire just anyone, there are a few questions that you need to ask to help ensure that the company event management personnel and your company will be the right fit:

What type of events do you specialize in? Some company event management personnel focus on things like company parties, while others do mainly corporate charity fundraisers and still others handle conferences. Each type of event has its own unique problems and issues, so you want someone who is as familiar as possible with the type of event in question. While it may initially save the company money up front to hire an event planner whose experience lies elsewhere, chances are good that they may either quit out of frustration later, forcing you to hire someone else, or the event won't be as good as you had hoped. It's better to simply hire the correct type of event management planner in the first place.

Who will be working on this project? Some company event management planners have a permanent staff that will come in and handle every single event.  Other event management "companies" consist of just a handful of employees, hiring any additional employees as needed. For very large events, you probably want a company with a permanent staff who the head event planner can trust and rely on completely. While a rotating staff can work for some people, you may not want to rely on one for a large and important event.

What happens if something goes wrong? You probably have enough experience to realize that there are days when it seems like "everything" is going wrong. No matter what you do, you can't seem to make things go right. While you hope that this won't happen with your event, you want a company event management planner who has the skills to handle if things don't go entirely to plan. What would they do, for example, if the caterer they hired made food for only 70 people instead of 700 people? Though, hopefully, nothing like this happens for your event, you want the assurance that your planner will be able to fix it if something does go awry.