Quick And Dirty Guide For How To Market Used Luxury Items To Buyers

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Quick And Dirty Guide For How To Market Used Luxury Items To Buyers

19 April 2016
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If you are a luxury item buyer who loves opening up a brand name box for a new season item, you know just how good it feels to own a little bit of what you love. If you own many luxury purses, shoes, and clothing items, you know how to buy them. You may also be interested in selling some in order to clear out your closet to make space for brand new luxury items that will be coming out in the new season. If you need to know how to market used luxury items, here are some tips to help you find buyers online and attract them to your listings. 

Add in all of the accessories

When it comes to buying a bargain deal on a luxury item, where some buyers will get tripped up in is not feeling like the purchase itself is luxury. To market luxury goods to consumers online, add in all of the accessories. Include the receipt, tags, original package, and any other accessories that come along with the item such as dust bags. Having the 'full monty' will entice a buyer to purchase your used item, rather than spending the extra at a store. 

Explain just how much of a discount the consumer is getting

Consumers who purchase used luxury goods are concerned with the brand of the item and the cost of the item equally. When you list your used luxury goods, add in the amount off that the consumer will be getting. For instance, if you are selling a formerly $2000 bag in excellent condition for $1400, let the consumer know that they are getting a luxury purchase in excellent condition for a total of 30% off. Listing the percentage off if it is over a small percentage is likely to drive in customers looking for a bargain. 

Give them tips about the item usage

One of the things that you get that a new buyer may not have is experience with wearing and matching the item. Give you buyers positive information on what you learned while using or wearing the item. If you found that the tote purse fits many items and can be a heavy duty everyday bag, be sure to tell potential customers that this is a long lasting bag. If you know just how to accessorize a pair of shoes, tell potential buyers what kind of outfits the show will look fabulous with. Letting the buyer know how the item can be used will have them picturing themselves wearing or using the item. This is a useful tactic to gently pushing for an immediate sale. Contact a business, such as Marketing Samurai, LLC, for more information.