The Sky's The Limit! Using Beach Town Advertising Methods To Make Sales Soar

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The Sky's The Limit! Using Beach Town Advertising Methods To Make Sales Soar

29 January 2016
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If your own a business in a beach town, you know the importance in grabbing the attention of tourists in addition to offering a product or service locals will be drawn to as well. Because of your location, you have a few additional advertising methods at your disposal. Here are some advertising methods you can use to increase your customer base and make your profits sky-rocket!

Hire An Aerial Advertising Service

Since warm days will have tourists lying along the beaches in your community, consider hiring an aerial advertising company to fly by with advertisements several times a day. You have the option in having a large banner strung behind an aircraft, specifying your company name and specials you are offering. Spelling out your advertisement in the sky with puffs of smoke emitted from the tail end of the aircraft is another advertising method used in coastal towns. When using this method, you will be limited in lettering, making it important to make an impact with keywords. Each of these methods will have tourists gazing into the air to see what words of wisdom you are offering, giving them something to contemplate as they bask in the sun.

Set Up An Exciting Beach Side Scene

Have some of your employees head to the beach on a warm day to do a bit of entertaining advertising. Have them wear matching bathing suits and shirts with the company name stitched onto the fabric. They can set up several beach chairs and hang towels with the company name printed upon them hanging off of the backs. Have the employees bring along promotional beach balls, t-shirts, or mugs to hand out to people strolling past their beach site. Make sure there is festive music playing to entice people to look at the display. Have employees build a large sand castle or invite spectators in a game of volleyball to set the mood. They can then give them a promotional flier afterward.

Keep Locals And Non-Beach Goers In Mind

Take your advertising to the streets to help get the word out about your establishment. Print out fliers with promotional sale information or coupons included in the information. Place these on community bulletin boards or on vehicle windshields in parking lots without solicitation rules. Offer discounts to those who show an identification card specifying the card holder lives locally. Have someone drive through busy streets with magnetic advertisements on the sides of their vehicle. They can also park their vehicle in a busy parking lot and tie colorful balloons to their vehicle to gain attention from additional potential customers.

For more information and ideas, contact local advertising companies like High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising to see what ideas they have.