Trade Show Marketing Ideas For Arts & Crafts Artists

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Trade Show Marketing Ideas For Arts & Crafts Artists

20 January 2016
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Trade Shows are fun and popular and can either be a hit or a miss for you as an arts and crafts artist exhibitor. These shows take a great deal of preparation and work but the right kind of preparation and marketing can really pay off when it directs more people to your booth to see and buy your work. Here are a few marketing ideas to use before and during a trade show that will get you some attention and hopefully more sales: 

  • Free Samples - Everyone loves a freebie! A sign on the back wall of your booth saying "Free Samples" is always a lure for craft show attendees especially when you are an arts and crafts artist. Have a basket of free samples for guests to select from. A handmade charm is a great free sample to give away. Saw out your handmade charms from sterling silver sheet, drill each charm and hang it on a jump ring and small clasp. These charms do not have to be large or complicated. They should be small, simple, uniquely shaped, and stamped on the back with a copyright mark and your signature symbol. Make your handmade charms in interesting shapes that coordinate with your artwork. Instead of making charms in the usual shape of hearts and flowers, make them in the shape of clouds, fish, coffee cups, artist brushes, squirrels, and other unique shapes. Also, make some plain oval, square, and circle shapes and stamp them with fun words like On Fleek, Snatched, Sus, Boots, Goals, Bae, or whatever words are currently trending. 
  • Fellow Exhibitors - Take time to meet your fellow exhibitors. Walk around the trade show floor with your business cards to meet and exchange cards with other exhibitors. Mark your booth number on your card so others can easily find you and direct others to your booth during the show. Comment on other exhibitors' work and engage them in conversation to introduce yourself and tell them about your artwork. Wear your charms as you walk around the trade show floor and invite vendors to your booth. Make and wear a charm bracelet that has your charms on removable clasps so that you can unhook one and give it to someone when you meet and talk to them. 
  • Pre-Show Marketing - Get a list of all of the registered exhibitors at the trade show from the show organizers and send each one a small envelope with your card and a handmade charm attached. In this pre-show marketing mailer, ask your fellow exhibitors to stop by your booth and introduce themselves. Hand out your business card, whenever you can, to encourage all the people you meet to come to the show. 

Marketing and presentation are truly more important than your artwork. Spend as much time as possible planning your marketing strategy and marketing yourself. When you see your trade show sales rise, you will be glad that you did. For assistance, talk to a professional like Exhibit Studios Inc.